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Our Process

We follow a four-step process in the design and implementation of multi-channel campaigns that deliver a superior customer experience. At Impact Points LLC we work directly with pharmaceutical companies and their agency partners to provide support in the following areas. We can work onsite as an extension of your team or engage on a project basis.

It starts with developing an integrated MCM strategy aligned to your brand objectives. We'll complete customer journey maps, stakeholder personas and identify the key impact points. We'll work with your partners to design the campaign segmentation, messaging and channel approach. And we will make sure to have a full measurement plan defined from the beginning.


Once the campaign design is finalized we can oversee and manage the build phase. We'll document the business requirements, manage all the development work with your partners and ensure your campaign is set-up for success. We know the common pitfalls to avoid and can help lead your all-agency teams to ensure execution excellence.



All assets approved and ready to launch. We'll conduct a launch readiness assessment to ensure all partners are prepared to execute. We'll oversee the deployment, closely monitor the campaign at-launch and provide ongoing campaign management support as needed. We can set-up an issue escalation and resolution process to mitigate risks and continually improve your execution. 


The campaign is in market and the data is coming in. We'll help develop campaign dashboards for different stakeholders that include key observations and actionable recommendations. We will monitor competitive activity and best practices. And do ongoing assessments of emerging technologies and channels that can enhance your performance.  

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