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Bob Muha is founder of Impact Points LLC and a Customer Experience Strategist with expertise in the design and implementation of multi-channel marketing campaigns for Patients and HCPs. He has over 25 years of pharmaceutical marketing experience and is responsible for the development of several award winning campaigns.

Bob's initial focus will be on gaining a deep understanding of your customer's journey and leveraging insights to identify the key impact points for your brands. Bob has a very diverse background in Sales, Marketing and Operations which allows him to quickly translate strategy into action and develop a road map to operationalize a superior customer experience across channels. His results oriented and disciplined approach will ensure high-quality execution aligned with your commercial strategy.  


Bob's experience on both the client and agency side of the business enables him to work effectively either directly with pharmaceutical companies or their agency partners. His vast partner network can be mobilized to provide highly  customized solutions. If you're designing a new campaign, trying to optimize an active campaign or struggling with execution issues, contact Bob to discuss your situation and see how he can help. 

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