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Agency Services

Impact Points LLC offers strategic services directly to advertising agencies and other pharmaceutical client partners. We can work as an integrated member of your client teams or engage on a project basis. Our client and agency experiences make us an ideal team member to help drive new business and organic growth. We offer the following agency services.   
Business Development

Impact Points LLC has experience leading the RFP response team and has won several major new business pitches. Leverage our client and agency experiences to help design a pitch presentation that will exceed your clients expectations and win you new business.

Strategic Services

We've led agency Strategic Services teams and understand the fast paced needs of the agency. If it's during planning season or you just won a new client and need additional support to start the engagement, we can help you as an integrated member of your internal client team. 

Agency Branding


Looking to refresh your branding and refine your positioning to attract more clients. Impact Points LLC knows the key value levers for clients and can recommend how best to package your services. Let us help you create a more compelling value proposition that will retain and grow your current client base. 

Relationship Management


We've sat on both sides of the table. We know what clients want and we know how hard agencies work. Let us help strengthen relationships with your clients by exceeding their expectations at every turn. We're highly effective at connecting with brand teams and establishing value-based relationships. 

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